Liquor Liability Experts



It’s one accident from one too many pours.  It’s a risk every server takes each day they go to work.  The moment disaster strikes is the moment we will be there to help.  We make sure everything we do helps protect you in that moment – from our commitment to providing excellent coverage, to negotiating low rates – we make your insurance experience the best.

To say is an expert in the hospitality and liquor industry is very true, we are the liquor liability experts  That’s the heart of our business – but it hardly tells the whole story…

Our insurance agency has become a symbol of protection for businesses everywhere.  Why do our clients prefer  Because they know they can count on genuine service, low rates, and outstanding coverage. We are the liquor liability experts.


More than Insurance

We’re not just purveyors of protection, but everything else that goes along with the insurance experience.  We offer multiple carriers, coverages, and rates.  We have a real person answer your phone calls and not a voicemail system.  And the representative that handles your account will always be the one working with you.

It’s not uncommon to see a small town tavern or an uptown sushi bar come to to get insurance.  We’re a business partner, a risk specialist – and we are proud of it.  Get to know us and you’ll agree: we are more than just a premium payment.


Learn More about Us

We love feedback and we love telling our story. is a Division of Freiburg Insurance Agency.  We were founded back in 1859 and have been in the insurance industry for generations.  For more information contact the liquor liability experts at We look forward to working with you!